On Glitter & Festivals

On Glitter & Festivals

Benefits needed: More restful sleep.

Concept/Takeaway: Your sleep schedule gets crazy while traveling. We need to make those few, short hours of rest worth it. 

The Story
“Sydney, will you do my glitter?” I look up and smile at one of the lovely Dutch girls I had made friends with. 

“I’d love to!” I put down my nail file, rub my eyes, stand up with a quick stretch and walk across the camp. 

“Can you do something cool again like yesterday? I don’t care what.”

“Sure,” I smile, “I have an idea.” 

(another friend I did glitter for)

I’m painting swirls of glue around her eyes, quietly enjoying making her face into the art of my choice. She yawns and apologies for moving her face. I yawn back and laugh, “I have definitely not been sleeping much either!” I say. 

She laughs a little and we both shrug, as if saying “yeah, that’s the price you pay.”

I finish up her baby pink and silver swirls, add a few finishing touches, make sure she likes it, and go back to my foldable chair. 

I yawn, close my eyes, and pretend to sleep until the rest of the group come back and announce that it is almost time to party. Now, the serious fun has begun. No more yawns or sleepy smiles, it’s full energy from here until sunrise. 

The days of camping at a 5-day festival are long and hot. The nights are seemingly short, but in reality very long, and fortunately less hot. By the time you’re ready to go to bed, you’re already being woken up. Not purposefully, but by someone coming back to camp, by a friend making sure you're in your tent, or by a beat change at one of the stages you can still hear. 

It’s good fun, but man, is it tiring! Sometimes you just wish you’d stay asleep for more than 20 minutes without interruption. 

I would never want to take a sleeping pill while at a festival though, because, well, you never know! Maybe there’s a flash mob at noon and you need to be jostled awake in order to enjoy it! If you took a sleeping pill, you’d be useless! A walking zombie if they even managed to awake you! Not to mention, there is no waaay you would ever have a solid 8-10 hours block for sleep time in your schedule. And we all know that unforgiving grog if you fail to sleep enough after taking an Advil PM. Not fun, and certainly not the vibe we’re going for at a festival, no less! 

Of course, I thought about this festival-paradox while creating our supplement. Because, the truth is, this isn’t a festival-only problem. This is true in pretty much all of travel and certainly in hostels. It’s pretty rare to get a solid 8-10 hours sleep while traveling and taking sleeping pills is, again, simply not the answer. The answer is to make your sleep count. Sure, maybe you only got 6 hours, but you were having a delicious, life-altering, drool-worthy, deep 6 hours. Not woken up by those bunk mates coming in late or the unusual city noises outside. Nah, for those 6 hours, you were living. 

So, I needed that! I wanted us to get those drool worthy hours every night! We figured out the perfect formula to not make you tired at all during the day, but instead, when you’re ready to sleep, to make your sleep fully worth it. To give you that deep, drool-able sleep we so dream about (pun intended). And it wasn’t as complicated as it sounded! 

The first ingredient we thought of right away for this was L-Glycine. Research has shown that this amino acid can help calm your brain, allowing you to reach deep sleep more quickly. However, it doesn't make you tired. It actually also provides your muscles with energy, enhances brain function, and does tons of other things. A real winner in our book! 

We also found selenomethionine. This one is great. Taken on a daily basis, it can help you fall asleep 20x faster! And honestly, I can tell you from experience that I am believing that one. I am a terrible sleeper. I will lay in bed for actual hours. It’s just always been my MO. Not great, but also not my choice, so here we are. I’ve been taking Co-Pilot every single day for several months now and I am falling asleep within 5 minutes of getting into bed and actually staying asleep. Even if I get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I’ve been falling back asleep. Wow… I actually hadn’t really thought about that until right now. I noticed that this was happening but I hadn’t attributed it to anything until this moment. I was just basking in the glory of real sleep for the first time in my life, hoping it would last and trying not to overthink it. I’m pumped! This is one of the main benefits we wanted our supplement to have of course but it’s seriously working incredibly for me! Damn, I love this brand.

It’s because of all of these exotic ingredients. Even Ashwagandha is also part of the reason. (We sourced the best stuff on earth for this, you can tell!) Ashwagandha can also make you fall asleep faster, have deeper, more restful sleep, and spend more time asleep. 

Rhodiola Rosea helps improve sleep quality, and BioPerine makes you absorb all of these yummy plants and aminos more fully, so that you truly feel the benefits. All combined, it’s kind of an A+ situation for sleep. And, one that doesn’t make you tired. Actually, quite the opposite… Energized! And even more energized once you have that great sleep. The better you feel and more consistently you take our supplement, the better you keep feeling. It’s really that simple, and that effective. Ugh, go us. We nailed this one. Lol, alright, that’s enough. Happy traveling and happy dreaming, you adventurous spirit. Go get it today. 

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