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After earning her bachelor’s degree in journalism, founder Sydney Zuckerman got a one way plane ticket, and set off alone to travel the world. Through these crazy adventures she began vlogging and sharing her story with her followers. Showing the truth of traveling. It isn't always glamour and pretty dresses. Actually, the truth is that most nights are spent in hostels, sharing meals with locals, and rolling around in the mud after a long hike. Travel is encouraging and awe inspiring and can be done alone! She never wanted visiting some far off land to seem unobtainable. No way! Scrape a few bucks and a plane ticket together, and figure the rest out once you land. (You get funnier stories that way anyways) Sounds fun, right? It was! 

Well, through a year and a half of breathtaking adventures, there was one thing which surprised and amazed her the most. It was the culture and love within the backpacking community. This community is comprised of a rag-tag group of strangers with a few things in common. They all bought a one-way ticket, they all own one bag of belongings, and they will all tell you in a hodge-podge of about six different languages as broken as their bank accounts that all they want is to keep going. And she was lucky enough to have become a part of it. 

What makes this group so awe-inspiring is each individual's spontaneity. Within 12 seconds of meeting one another, they will have loosely planned a four day excursion through the sand dunes of Thar Desert where they'll have transformative experiences and be bonded for life. Oh, and they leave tonight. (True story.)

While intense and fun, this characteristic is ultimately what broke her heart, and left her mentally unsteady and uncertain. These soul-intoxicating friendships would swallow her entirely, only to spit her back out a few days or weeks later when each person in a new group had their respective next journey on opposite sides of the continent. 

After the better part of a year, she felt completely and utterly alone. She would fall into panics, fits of extreme anxiety, and other intense emotion. After 13 months, this mental upheaval manifested into physical illness. She found herself bed-bound in a beach shack in the middle of Southern India, and that’s when she finally decided it was time to go home. 

She got back to the states and I was upset. For so long she prided herself on her strength and her undying happiness. She could do anything. She can go out alone for a year through 30 countries and not blink. What was wrong with her? She hated that her mental and physical health was taking her freedom and her spirit away from her. 

And so it was born. Out of necessity, she formed Co-Pilot; The Travel Brand. 

The brand that will be by your side, helping you to navigate through every travel experience, good or bad. 

And from there came the world’s first travel supplement. 

So what does it do, exactly?

Glad you asked. 

Co-Pilot'd Travel and Daily Supplement is a solution-driven product. It does not work by targeting a problem and fixing it, but instead by targeting a solution, and working to maintain it. For this reason, it works for everyone. Here are some of the key ways Co-Pilot's Travel and Daily Supplement works:

- Eliminating Anxiety: For me, this means quieting all of the mental chatter that goes on within my own head. For others, this means allowing them to stay focused on the task at hand. And for some, with no anxiety, this just means a few extra healthy vitamins to help them maintain their perfectly balanced mind.

Overall, Co-Pilot aims to keep you present. In whatever way you need.  


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