Travel Checklist: Summer in the City Edition!

Travel Checklist: Summer in the City Edition!

The summer season is such a fun time to travel! Wether we're going over seas or staying in our home country, nothing makes us want to explore a new place quite like the promise of that gorgeous sun. 

Here is a perfect summer/warm-weather checklist we've created for a 1-2 week trip to a city. Tested and approved! It includes slightly more clothing than our typical adventure checklists because we all love a good day outfit and night outfit. It also includes links, packing tips, and best organization practices. 

Here is also a quick, 60-second video we made with all of the info!




I use two, carry-on sized bags. (No checked bags here!) 

I love my Dagne Dover! I have both sizes. This is the larger one



- 1 Jeans

- 1 Shorts 

- 1 Skirt (can replace with shorts if preferred) 

- 1 Leggings 



- 4 Day

- 2 Night 

- 2 Crossover 

- 2 Easy Ts 

- 1 Sweatshirt (non-hooded for smaller packing) 


Button Ups/Sweaters 

- 1 Short Sleeve 

- 1 Long Sleeve 


Rompers/Dresses/Body Suits 

- 1 Nice/Full-Length 

- 1 Short (to dress up or down) 


Work Out 

- 2 Shorts 

- 2 Sports Bras or Tops 



- 1 Shorts 

- 1 Top



- 3 Bathing Suits (differing coverage) 

- 10ish Underwear 

- 5ish Socks 

- 3ish Bras 

Packing Tips

- Roll clothing to save space 

- Have an organization bag to hold all of your unders  

- Have a bag to hold your dirty clothes 

- Getting base items like body suits in solid colors (I always go with black) makes it super easy to switch one layer and make it feel like a completely different outfit.   


- Co-Pilot's Daily Travel Supplement

(Sometimes I bring a few tins for everyone to be able to take it. That way we all stay energized and ready to go explore - especially needed after too-fun of a night haha) 

(Also available here on Amazon)  

Toiletries Bag (all under 3 oz) 

- Face Wash 

- Shampoo 

- Conditioner 

 - Body Wash 

- Deodorant 

- Coconut Oil 

- Razor 

- Toothbrush 

- Toothpaste 

- Eyedrops 

- Neosporin (I get hurt often...) 

- Lotion 

- Hairspray / Product 

- Liquid Bandage (...Very often) 

- Tiger Balm 

- Citronella Essencial Oil (as bug repellant) 

- Nail Clippers 

- Nail Polish 

- Comb/Brush 



- Jewelry (extra necklace, earrings, bracelets): All put into a change purse

- Hair (elastics, bobby pins, tiny elastics, clips): All put into a change purse 

- Travel Makeup (Full video of my travel makeup bag here) 


Additional Health 

- Bandaids (Also great for shoes. You'll be walking around a lot and blisters are the worst.) 

- Melatonin  

- Tylenol 

- Advil PM

- Allergy Stuff 

- Benadryl 

- Personal Medication/Needs 

Packing Tip: Put in individual, flat baggies, then put them all into a large ziplock 




- Laptop 

- Chargers (phone, laptop, camera, etc.) 

- 360 Camera (if your a big video person as I am)

- Selfie Stick 

- Professional Camera (I love photography... taking both cameras is a lot though, even for me)

- SD Cards 

- Recharger Pack 

- Hard Drive 

Packing Tip: Get an electronics case for additional cords, dongles/attachment pieces, and any thing else (like the hard drive) that will fit 


Small Bags

- Bum Bag/Day Purse 

- Crossbody/Night Purse 



- 2 Pair of Sunnies 

- Notebook 

- Pens 



- 1 Pair of Sandals 

- 1 Pair of Wedges/Heels 

- 1 Pair of Day Sneakers 

- 1 Pair of Work Out Shoes 

 Packing Tip: I just put these wherever they fit. If they can go in my duffle, even better. The less in the side bag, the better. (More room for snacks, ya know?) 


And vwa-la, that's it! If you have any tips or must-bring items, drop them in the comments so other travelers can see. And, get ready for an awesome summer season trip! We're stoked for you(: 

(Don't forget to take your travel vitamins while you're out and about for a chance to be featured!) 

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