How Co-Pilot Keeps You Present

Co-Pilot works to keep you present, no matter what that means for your specific person. 

If you are prone to mood swings, Co-Pilot will level out those mental swings, allowing you to be completely where you are, and not off in your head. 

If you are prone to digestive issues while you travel, Co-Pilot will target ay disruptions, and aim to calm your stomach / intestines. This way, you are physically present! Not stuck in the bathroom. However, if you are not someone who experiences these issues, then Co-Pilot will keep it that way! All of the ingredients are healthful to all, and only work to keep you balanced. 

If you are someone who gets physically exhausted, Co-Pilot's specialty vitamin combination will work to give you that little extra boost to make it up that mountain. 

All of Co-Pilot's ingredients work symbiotically, to keep you present in which ever way you personally need. Sound unbelievable? Nah, it was designed that way! Designed with intension, to keep you enjoying your intension. Science is cool. 


Do you have a story about how Co-Pilot kept you present? or how you didn't have Co-Pilot, but know it could have helped? Share it with us over email or instagram! We would love to hear from some other amazing, balanced Co-Pilots. Welcome to the crew. 

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