We don't believe sustainability should have to be one of our founding beliefs. We believe it should simply be something that is expected by companies. 

We decided long before launch that if a bottle of Co-Pilot ever washed up on a beach, then the company would be shut down. That's why we engineered a pill container the first of its class. Made of tin, refillable and reusable. 


It is the size and shape of a deck of cards and holds exactly a one-month supply. It fits directly into the cardholder section of your backpack, without any wasted space. You can line your bag with however many months supply you need, and have them take up virtually no space. 

Oh, and if you want to see how we're rethinking pretty packaging, you can order to find out. It's almost as much fun as putting supplements in a tin(:




Ordering directly from our website also uses out 100% upcycled shipping materials. 

(IDEA: Maybe once the first ones are sent I can upload a video of someone boxing it??) (Could do it of me so I get the first one and it's up before launch)



Companies need friends, too.

We've made a new bestie! We're now working with Wasteless World to clean up our oceans. When you order a tin of Co-Pilot, you receive a code to share with friends and enter at checkout. Every new referral sends one scuba diver on an ocean clean-up dive. 

To find out more about this, and other awesome initiatives they're got going on out of their home in Bocas Del Toro, Panama, just top by and say hey!  

Let's save these turtles. (And millions of other creatures.)