Made by travelers, for travelers

Hey friends! Founder Sydney here(: I made Co-Pilot’s travel Supplement to help keep you feeling your absolute best through every adventure… so let me explain exactly how that works. 

The first is by easing your mind and alleviating stress. Personally, my biggest issue when I travel is getting overwhelmed and flustered, and I know I’m not the only one. So, Ashwagandha, L-Glycine, and B vitamins, all work separately and together to alleviate stress and calm the mind. Also, the Rhiodola Rosea and Selenomethione help balance the nervous system, to help give that calm feeling. 

The next thing this guy does is help balance your stomach. I don’t think I could name one friend who hasn’t been in the bathroom for a day with “Deli-Belly, or Bali Belly” or whatever you wanna call eating street food that doesn’t sit right. That’s why we put black chia seeds, green tea leaf, B vitamins, and magnesium citrate. These all work together to help keep your stomach balanced while aiding digestion. 

Now here’s one for the digital nomads. We know it can be a little tough to stay focused while all your friends are at the beach. Ashwagandha, green tea leaf, B vitamins, Vitamin C, D3, E, and selenomethionine all help keep your mind focused and provide mental clarity so you can do your work efficiently, and get out in time for sunset yoga. 

We also know a lot of people have trouble feeling energized while they travel. So, we combined Ashwagandha, Rhiodola Rosea, Black Chia, green tea leaf, vitamin A, B vitamins, magnesium citrate, and l-glycine to help keep you feeling awake and energized throughout your day. 

And better yet, when you’re ready for bed, the l-glycine and ingredients that balance your nervous system help you get a super deep night’s sleep. No matter what bed you’re lying on. 

This travel Supplement is also a complete daily multivitamin and immunity booster. You’re probably eating differently than when you’re home and have no idea if you’re getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy - well that’s okay! That’s why we’re here! We put in 13 different vitamins and minerals for you. 

And same is for the immunity booster - different countries and places can have their viruses, bacterias, and germs. There’s no way your body could be used to them! Having a strong immunity booster shields us from tons of dangers. Ashwagandha, black chia seeds, B vitamins, vitamin A, C, D3, E, l-glycine, and selenomethionine all work to protect your body and boost your immunity.

Oh, one more thing. This supplement’s also a mood booster. Ashwagandha, Rihodola Rosea, B Vitamins, and Vitamin D3 all naturally make you happy. 

This is great for everyday life, and it’s also really important for long-term travelers. I know how down and alone you can feel after months on the road, and I honestly just never wanted anyone to feel how I’ve felt at some of those points. So, there’s a happy friend in Co-Pilot. 

All of the ingredients play off of one another and enhance each other. That’s why you only need to take two pills, once a day to help keep your mind, body, and spirit balanced. We also put in Bioperine which helps your body absorb all of the nutrients. 

Okay, enjoy your votes, and your day. *kiss* You’re the best, thanks for watching!