What is a “Daily Travel Supplement”?

It’s an unbeatable group of vitamins and plants, to take every day while you travel. Lots of health issues can come up while you’re on the road. Stuffing your bag with 50 different pills to take every day is messy, inconvenient, and pricey. Not to mention excessive and unrealistic. We created the first-ever supplement that can replace every other one in your bag. And, we made it affordable. 

I have a trip coming up. When should I start taking Co-Pilot?

Honestly, we take Co-Pilot every day, even when we’re not traveling. However, taking it for up to two weeks before you travel will make sure your body has absorbed the nutrients/immunity boosters and can work the most efficiently. But don’t stress if you leave in two days, just start taking it when it arrives; you can feel the effects right away. 

What time of day do I take it?

It’s best to take two supplements in the morning. That way, they have all day to make you feel great! (Get the most for your dollar!) 

Should I eat when I take it?

Co-Pilot can be taken however makes you feel comfortable. If you typically eat with supplements, then go for it! If you consume your supplement with a healthy fat like avocado, then it can help your body absorb the vitamins even faster. If you prefer to skip out on breakfast, then no problem there. 

Do I have to take it every day?

Co-Pilot is best when taken every day. However, if you miss a day, don’t worry. Anything is better than nothing, right? 

How many come in one tin?

One tin has 60 supplements in it, which is a 30-day supply. 

Why are the supplements in tin?

We wanted to engineer green packaging that could fit in the deck of cards holder in your backpack. This way, they are sustainable, reusable, and convenient. We know the struggles of even trying to find your toothbrush in a bag of toiletries for a 3 am wake-up call, never mind trying to mess around for your vites. Putting them in the front of your bag makes them accessible enough that you can grab them and take them whenever. 

Why is it called Co-Pilot?

Traveling, solo or even with friends, can get super lonely. We know the feeling all too well. Co-Pilot aims to keep you happy and healthy. The supplement, and our company, is here for you, we can be your “Co-Pilot.” Feel free to reach out if you ever need someone to talk to, seriously(: Text us! XXX, or email us! Friends@copilotthetravelbrand.com . With Co-Pilot by your side, you may travel solo, but you will never be alone. 

Is your travel supplement FDA approved?

In short, yes! We work with a top-tier, FDA-registered facility practicing GMP. (“Good Manufacturing Practices.” This is the best rating a facility can receive.)

How does it make you awake and help you sleep?

With incredible science. Our ingredients: Ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea, Black Chia, green tea leaf, vitamin A, B vitamins, magnesium citrate, and l-glycine to help keep you feeling awake and energized throughout your day. They also help your body repair itself/its muscles quickly, so you don’t feel sluggish.

L-glycine is the amino acid that helps you fall asleep faster, and more deeply. Also, Rhodiola Rosea and Selenomethione help balance the nervous system, which can in turn help provide you a more restful night’s sleep. 

Do you have any discount codes?

We already price our premium-grade products as low as possible, because we never want to price our backpacker-kin out. For this reason, we can not discount it. However, we sometimes add gifts to orders as a thank you surprise!

Also, we partner up with environmental activist groups and we’ll give you a referral code once you receive your products to send one scuba diver on an ocean clean-up dive! How fun!

Is your packaging eco friendly?

When you order from our website, you receive 100% upcycled packaging. Our recyclable padded envelopes use less waste than boxes, and are made from 100% recycled materials. Our stickers are also made from 100% upcycled paper. Unfortunately, when we ship from Amazon we cannot use our own packaging, nor control what it is shipped in.